Haii Al Bathna

Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

Owner - Saudi Royal Commission
Contractor - Al-Taqadum Establishment
Geotechnical Engineer - Law Engineering

A 5,000,000 square foot residential project along the Red Sea in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia was underlain by approximately 2 meters of dense sand and gravel, which was in turn underlain by loose silty and clayey sand. The groundwater table was approximately 8 to 9 feet deep.

The project consisted of two to four story residential construction, principally villas and townhouses. Fourteen lots of 5 acres each were set aside along the Red Sea for members of the Saudi Royal Family. Dynamic compaction was performed using weights of 13 to 16 tons dropped from heights of about 60 feet. Work was performed 20 hours a day, six days a week for approximately 5 months.

Testing was performed by our personnel using SPT, CPT, Menard pressuremeter and laboratory testing. The specifications required that the Schmertmann settlement technique be used to calculate settlements under design load.