TerraPac Rig

The TerraPac rig was custom-designed by our engineers to remediate sites with poor soil conditions. The rig uses a powerful down-hole vibrator with a horizontal mode of vibration. The TerraPac rig is versatile with the capability to densify loose sands, above or below the water table, install stone columns, or to install compacted aggregate piers.

Typical Applications

  • Installation of Terrapiers (compacted aggregate piers)
  • Vibrocompaction of granular deposits
  • Conventional stone column construction


  • Rapid set-up (requires less than 30 minutes to be ready for work)
  • Rapid installation
  • Reduced cost due to rapid set-up and installation
  • On-board monitoring of soil response
  • Shallow aggregate piers can often be constructed without predrilling
  • Can be used to densify soils both above and below the water table
  • Can be used with and without jetting water
  • Eliminates the potential for hole collapse with conventional aggregate pier construction techniques